Another FREE resource for SharePoint How To Videos

This is a great resource to add to your End User SharePoint training toolbox. Simply think to the site or video from your SharePoint Support site. End users can access this information 24/7, which may help in minimizing the training burden on your IT Staff.

Video Instruction includes:

Adding Documents to a SharePoint Site

Create a new SharePoint Site Collection Administrator

Add Links to a SharePoint List

Add SharePoint Site to your Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer

Add Users to a SharePoint Security Group

Approve another user's SharePoint Blog Post

Change SharePoint Navigation to a Site Tree View

Change the SharePoint Site Image

Change the SharePoint Site Title and Description

Change a SharePoint User's e-mail address

Change a SharePoint User's password

Create a SharePoint Calendar Appointment

Create a Document-specific SharePoint Alert

Create a New SharePoint User

Create a SharePoint Announcements List

Create a SharePoint Blog Posting

Create a SharePoint Calendar

Create a SharePoint Contacts List

Create a SharePoint Discussion Board

Create a SharePoint Document Library

Create a SharePoint Document Work Space

Create a SharePoint Gantt Project Management Chart

Create a SharePoint InfoPath form Library

Create a SharePoint Links List

Create a SharePoint Meeting Site

Create a SharePoint Picture Library

Create a new SharePoint Security Group

Create a new SharePoint Sub-site

Create a new Task in a SharePoint Tasks list and assign it to a user

Create a SharePoint Wiki Document

Create a SharePoint Wiki Library

Customize a SharePoint Meeting Site

Delete a SharePoint Meeting Site when you are finished with it

Edit SharePoint Blog Categories

E-mail a SharePoint Document Library

E-mail Enable a SharePoint Discussion Forum

Enable Multiple SharePoint Blog Categorizations

Edit the SharePoint Quick Launch Menu to Customize with your own navigation options

Enable SharePoint Document Versioning

Change SharePoint Top Link bar navigation options

Manage Access Requests to your Site

Move Documents between SharePoint Document Libraries

Remove Permission Inheritance from SharePoint Sub-sites

Remove the SharePoint Quick Launch Menu

Remove Top Link Bar Inheritance from a SharePoint Site

Restore Deleted Items As the Site Collection Administrator

Restore SharePoint Site Permission Inheritance (sub-sites)

Work with the SharePoint Recycle Bin

Create a SharePoint Sales CRM Application

Work with your SharePoint Themes

Add Tabbed SharePoint Navigation Options to your Site

Add SharePoint Web Parts

Sign in as a different SharePoint User

Work with a SharePoint Gantt Project Chart

Create a Custom Site Column