January's Guru: Mahmoud Moussa, talking Devices

 1-Mahmoud Moussa, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My Name is Mahmoud Moussa I’m a Technology Solution Professional in Microsoft MEA Devices Application Team, A person with a passion for science, and how it can benefit business, I’ve been in Information Technology Industry for 11 Years Playing Multiple Roles, Developer, Support, Team Leader , Architect, Business Intelligence Consultant, Till I joined Microsoft and Started a Technical Presales track. Which is not only about selling technologies, but more about how you technology can benefit your customer.

Away from technology I love playing sports like Table Tennis, Squash, Volleyball and cycling, Photography, Listening to music especially 90’s and watching movies and TV shows. I married and have a little princess called “Karma”.

2- What do you love the most about technology?

Innovation is the magic word, technology as technology is a consumer kind of gadgets, but the idea of how it’s built, and ways to customize it to meet exactly your needs is my main passion, there is no limits to the ideas you can generate with technology just remove that barrier from your mind and you can do magic.

3-Can you give us a small introduction to better understand what are device Applications all about?

Well devices his a general word that group anything that contains a CPU that can do some computing power for you. Let’s get back in time a little bit, the early days of Computers, the main frame was called a super computer, a Large PC connected to many screens and keyboards was used for work. But People needed to go more mobile, computer power started to grow, so they moved to PCs and Servers Model where you can have a client PC with nice capabilities to do your work locally and send it to the server to store it, then for more mobility we moved to Laptops. And now we are living in the internet world with data available all around us. In 2012 we generated“11 Zeta bytes of information, which equals 66,000 Miles of Dvds stacked on top of each other’s. This amount of data needs to be accessible all the time, so we are moving to the Cloud, using “Phones and Tablets” to access this information anywhere and anytime.

There are more than 1 Billion Devices connected to the internet at this very moment. Can you imagine the business opportunities you have with these 1 Billion customers? Targeting devices is a huge business opportunity don’t let that slip away,

4-Can you provide us with any links or sources that can help us understand more about devices application?

Technologies are evolving I would recommend always to look for the basics of technology before technology itself .Basics can help you move from one technology to the other easily.

To Get Started use http://dev.windows.com it’s your starting point to learn everything you need to know about developing applications for Mobile Devices.

5- What is the newest or most interesting updates for devices Application this year?

The Snapdragon processors, it’s a New processor architecture that can allow you to run a Tablet as long as ARM based tablets with the power of a PC, so Imagine you can have your PC in your hands on the go everywhere.

There are things that I personally wait for but I don’t know if it will land this Year or not, like bendable LCDS, with may allow you to open a 50 inch display from your pocket, Integration of Nano Technology into displays that can allow you to move your display from just a flat into having buttons physically exist on your display. Holograms this will change the way we look to the future.

Moussa6- Away from technology, do you have any other hobbies or passions?

Doing Sports “Swimming, Table Tennis, Squash, Volleyball and Lately I started cycling”

Photography, I can’t call myself an Artist but I’m good in photography because it is a weird mix between science and art and I enjoy that A lot.

Maybe I’m in 30’s but I live with the heart of early 20’s I can Have some personal time for Music, TV shows and Movies

7- Any advice to anyone that wants to be an IT guru?

Just 2, Focus on basics and Read.

Technology is evolving every day, but basics does not change often. So do not learn how to write C# but learn how to architect an app. If you did that, you can learn all programming languages easily, tomorrow a new version of C# will come out but coding is still a foundation that changes less oftenJ.

Reading, Can keep you up to date with what’s coming which is what you really need. Know everything generally, do not lock your eyes on one topic and go deep.

8- How can people contact you for any technical inquiries?

v-mamous@microsoft.com is my Email Address, Contact me and I’ll reply if I can help.

Thank you Moussa :)