Lync Outbound gateway failover (NET)


This is a two-part process; in the first part of the process, we use the UXs to point each of them at the same Lync Pool. In the second part, we do the complementary action on the Lync side by specifying both of the UXs as PSTN Gateways using the Lync 2010 Topology Builder and then do the voice routing below.

Configuring the LYNC Voice Routing to use secondary gateway if the primary fails Using NET UX Gateway

To configure voice routing:

  1. Open the LYNC Server 2010configuration page:
    1. Enter the URL of the Front-End pool (https://<fqdn of the front end pool>/cscp).
  2. Click Voice Routing in the left pane.
  3. Click Voice Policy in the right pane.
  4. Double-click the relevant policy_ in the list.
  5. Double click the relevant PSTN usage record.
  6. Double Click on the Route entry.
  7. Add the secondary UX gateway into Associated Gateways list
  8. Click OK, OK, and OK to exit out of the Voice Policy configuration.