Lync Photo

Microsoft Lync 2010 introduces the use of user photos on the contact card and other places in the user interface.


How It Works

Lync 2010 can display the photo of the signed-in user from two different sources:

 1 •The thumbnailPhoto attribute on the user's object in Active Directory Domain Services. (Global View)

a- The picture can be synced from SharePoint “MySite” to the active directory attribute.

After Intsalling SharePoint with MySite you need to enable Sharepoint Synchronization to the Active Directory.

Users should Upload their picture from MySite in SharePoint then after replication is completed; Lync can now retreive the picture from the AD

To Configure MySite in SharePoint 2010 and enable profile Synchronization Please follow the steps specified in the below technet Link 


b- or Simply Use this application to upload images to the Active Directory attribute that Lync/ Outlook 2010 pulls display pictures from.

Outlook 2010 /Lync 2010 can display a photo for each user account or contact in Active Directory but includes no way to upload images into the "thumbnailPhoto" Active Directory attribute that is used to store these images other than the command line tools included with Exchange 2010 or with SharePoint “MySite” picture sync.

AD Photo Edit is a user friendly application designed to make it easy to upload, edit, and export these images.



2 •A URL configured by the user. (Personal View)

To change your picture you must have a personal picture on a public picture site, such as the Windows Live network of Internet services, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Flickr.