Windows 8 Consumer Preview digital media and You

Hello all,

It’s been a while since I was able to get this blog updated. Fortunately I have been asked to work with all of you to bring multi-media apps to Windows 8. I’ve been very active on the Windows 8 developer preview forums working with the community to help make the transition from Win32 to WinRT.
Over the next few months I will try to keep this blog up to date posting new tips and tricks for working with the WinRT media stack on Windows 8. In particular I will focus on the more advanced techniques to manipulate the WinRT media stack to make it fit your needs.

The most exciting thing about the Consumer Preview is the fact that we now have official guidance around using MFTs from the Metro style UI environment. This is a key piece to the Windows 8 media puzzle that has been missing since the “build” conference. I know that Stan announced the ability to plug directly into the media stack at “build” but we didn’t really give any official guidance. Well I am pleased to announce that we have added the “Grey Scale” MFT sample to the Windows 8 SDK. This sample demonstrates how to write an MFT that can be called from the Metro style environment.

If you haven’t already downloaded and installed the Windows 8 consumer preview I would encourage you to do so. I have been using the developer preview as my main operating system for some time now. If you like the developer preview I really think that you are going to be extremely excited about the changes we have made. Keep in mind that we may still do some “fit and finish” work between now and the release but everyone has to agree that this truly is a “re-imagining” of Windows.

The grayscale MFT sample is included with the "Media capture using webcam sample" found here:

Download the Windows 8 consumer preview here:

Enjoy the consumer preview and I will see you in the forums.