Anywhere working becoming the norm in 2013

More businesses are taking advantage of anywhere working opportunities this year, having witnessed the benefits during the Olympic Games.

If 2012 was the year that anywhere working really took off in the UK, then 2013 may see this exception become a norm.

Across Britain, but particularly In London and the south-east, thousands of companies took advantage of mobile working opportunities to navigate the busy Olympics period last year.

Using cloud solutions and consumer IT, many employees stayed at home rather than adding to the overcrowding on London's public transport network.

And having realised that remote working can have clear benefits for their organisations, many business leaders have been happy to further embrace the practice since the Games.

Allowing your staff to avoid the commute has a number of advantages.

Employees are able to spend more time working - as opposed to travelling - meaning they can save both time and money, and also lower their carbon footprint.

Anywhere workers are likely to have more time to spend with their families, but also be contactable on evenings and weekends should the need arise.

Each company is different, and mobile working appears to be more appropriate for some than others.

But where there is a case for freeing your staff from the normal workplace, Office 365 - which enables remote access to popular Microsoft solutions such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint - may help maximise productivity.

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