Blog: Bright future for Windows 8

Windows 8 does appear to be winning businesses users and consumers round - despite some initial hesitancy where the new operating system (OS) is concerned.

Figures published by Net Applications this week reveal that Windows 8 grabbed a higher share of Microsoft web traffic during February, as more users upgraded to the new version.

Undoubtedly the design of Windows 8 has surprised to long-time Windows users - those used to the linear start menu and traditional desktop icons.

But once users have come to terms with the changes - which are geared towards improving the user experience across all platforms - they are giving Windows 8 glowing reports.

The new OS is designed to help you make the most of the array of web apps and online technologies now available.

So much has changed in the digital world in the past few years, with the cloud and mobile technology revolutions driving innovation at break-neck pace.

And with this in mind, Windows needed a reboot to keep up, and ensure both desktop and mobile users are able to make the most of their online experience.

More and more people are using touch-screen devices, and Windows 8's intuitive interface aims to cater for the needs of such users in a way Windows 7 and XP simply couldn't.

It is also geared towards enabling users to make the most of the huge range of apps they now have access to - one for almost every task or function imaginable.

Changing users' perception and well-ingrained computing habits is not necessarily something that can happen overnight, but we're confident that when you get started with Windows 8, you'll love it.

Posted by Jenny Arthur

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