Blog: IT security the biggest challenge for 7 in 10 firms

Some 71 per cent of companies rank IT security as their biggest business concern for the months ahead.

IT security remains the biggest challenge for more than seven in ten firms, according to a new survey conducted by the global industry analyst IDC.

The research, which was commissioned by Vodafone, questioned company bosses and CTOs about their biggest challenges for the year ahead, finding that 71 per cent have identified security as their greatest concern.

Companies across all sectors feel that protecting sensitive data while file sharing is the key concern, with one in three firms saying another key challenge is providing remote and secure access to company files.

Leo O’Leary, head of corporate and public sector Vodafone Ireland, said that the security of data must always be a top priority for businesses, as information has arguably never been more valuable.

“Business intelligence and market information, in whatever form, whether as contact details for customers, product pricing, or other commercially sensitive information, is at the heart of competitive advantage and reputation of one business over another,” he added.

Although the research found that half of businesses have no concerns about data security on their smartphones or tablets, respondents acknowledged that the consumerisation of IT and the popularity of BYOD will further increase the debate on business IT security.

Posted by Alex Boardman

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