BYOD is here to stay

Bring your own device (BYOD) has become "an unstoppable, user-driven wave", according to one technology expert.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill Group, noted that BYOD was arguably the biggest buzz word of this year, and it will continue to gain significance in 2013.

He noted that smartphones, tablets and laptops all come under this category, as well as desktop PCs used remotely from home.

"BYOD is a transformative technology and 2013 will see companies trying to integrate it into their networks," Mr Kilpatrick stated.

"While tactical needs will drive integration, strategic requirements will become increasingly important."

He predicted that mobile device management (MDM) solutions will also increase in demand during 2013, following strong growth this year.

"With employees using their smartphones for both business and personal use, the security and management issues became blurred," Mr Kilpatrick said.

He said growth will be strongest for MDM solutions that offer features such as ensuring mobile device usage complies with company security policies, allocating access rights, managing configuration, updating policies, dealing with data leakage issues, and dealing with lost or stolen devices.

"Additionally, MDM solutions need to address the problem of managing both employer-owned and employee owned devices, and differentiating between business use and personal use," the expert said.

With more technology available on the market, businesses are heavily considering other means of working. BYOD is certainly encouraging. The Surface is an excellent way to keep on top of business. Designed for the mobile office. Light, loaded and ready to work when you are. Connected standby offers a seamless start up experience, so you can create, collaborate and share - anywhere.


Posted by Steven Woodgate

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