Controlling business costs using BYOD

Bring your own device (BYOD) remains a hot topic for debate, as businesses weigh up the pros and cons of allowing employees to use their own tech solutions on corporate networks.

Critics continue to air concerns over data security and segmentation, but on the other hand, much has been said about the potential productivity gains.

Where businesses are prepared to embrace BYOD, it gives employees the opportunity to work - both in the office, and from remote locations - on a device they like and are familiar with.

But the potential benefits of BYOD extend beyond supporting individual performance. There are also clear financial savings to be made.

If every employee within an organisation uses their own smartphone or media tablet rather than a company issue, the firm can see productivity gains without the need for capital expenditure.

There is little need for the firm to invest in a fleet of mobile devices - since these will only duplicate employees' own solutions.

Admittedly, it is unlikely that every single employee within a business will embrace BYOD, even if they have the choice to do so. As such, there is always likely to be a requirement to buy some mobile solutions.

But outsourcing some, most or all of the cost of purchasing technology to employees can help firms preserve their IT budgets and ensure funds are available to be used elsewhere.

Employees have shown an eagerness to use their own devices, so providing security fears can be allayed, is there reason to stand in their way?

Posted by Alex Boardman 


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