Microsoft Licensing - Simple MVA courses to solve your licensing headaches

Microsoft Licensing - Simple MVA courses to solve your licensing headaches

If licensing has been a pain point for a long time or if you’ve ever wanted to gain knowledge on Microsoft licensing then the new simple and effective MVA licensing courses would be an exceptionally great place to start. This training can
be taken at any time and at no cost to you which is not bad for becoming a Microsoft Licensing Expert!

The Microsoft Virtual Academy’s new Licensing Training and Accreditation will help you build foundational knowledge on licensing programs and solutions, and enable you to maximize the value of your software investments.

Take the first Microsoft Licensing – Programs Fundamentals course to begin your licensing discoveries and put to rest any niggling queries you may have on licensing. This course provides a comprehensive but simple overview of Microsoft's licensing programs and licensing models. Topics covered include the benefits of volume licensing, ways to purchase licenses, and the various licensing programs and models available. Descriptions of license types such as device licenses and client access licenses (CALs) are also included, as well as overviews of Software Assurance benefits.

Whether you are beginner, intermediate or more advanced you are sure to find the course extremely useful. Not only that, but the course is extremely valuable no matter the size of organisation you work in. For those who work in organisations with more than 5 but fewer than 250 devices or users you may be keen to gain knowledge about the different choices of Open Agreements. For those in larger organisations with 250+ devices or users you will learn all you need to know about Select Plus Agreements and Enterprise Agreements.

Learn about the benefits of standardization from Volume Licensing Agreements such as savings for deploying standard sets of products across the organisations. Volume Licensing Agreements also has other great benefits including software assurances, pricing advantages and a range of offerings such as program choices for organisations of varying sizes which are covered in the module.

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