MED-V documentation refreshed on TechNet with some big changes

The MED-V 1.0 TechNet documentation has been refreshed with some very big changes!


MED-V documentation was first published to TechNet here ( last October (blog post). This was great because now for the first time, we had the ability to maintain up-to-date documentation about MED-V online rather than depending on downloaded help files. However, the layout and format of the documentation was still really geared more towards a downloadable guide than the general TechNet guidelines for online viewing and search that you might be used to.

So, before it looked like this:


That was then. This is now:


In addition to rearranging the content into a more standard table of contents structure, the help content itself has also received some attention. A new Getting Started section has been added as well as another on planning for MED-V. I hope that you will find these changes to be an improvement in the documentation—which brings me to my next point, feedback.

In the previous content release, we had no mechanism for you to provide feedback directly to the writing team or to add your own community content to the MED-V documentation. With this documentation update, we have corrected that! Now, at the bottom of each help topic, you should see a link to e-mail the MED-V documentation team directly ( and the community content control has also been added to each help topic to enable you to add your own custom help content directly on the TechNet page:


I encourage you to take advantage of both of those options and partner with the MED-V documentation team in writing great MED-V documentation!

Jeff Gilbert | Content Publishing Manager