MED-V V2: Error: "Open virtual applications found." when launching MED-V applications

When launching a MED-V application, a user may get the following message:

"Open virtual applications found. The virtual machine cannot be opened while virtual applications are open. Save any unsaved application data, and then click Close All to continue."

This is caused when the user state/session has changed between the last time MED-V was launched and this current time. This can happen often if MED-V is attempting to start and there are applications running under a different user session (even if it is the same user but a session different from when the last time the user ran MED-V.) When you switch between MED-V's v2 seamless mode function and VPC's full desktop within the same Windows 7 host logon session, this can occur. This is the most common cause of this issue. You are switching technologies when you do this and there was not a designed method of transitioning back and forth unlike MED-V v1 where there was both a full desktop and a seamless mode controlled exclusively by MED-V.

You could disregard this message however, there is a danger of application state data or unsaved work being discarded upon exiting the previous session.