EFExtensions update

The EFExtensions helper library has a few updates:


- CreateCommand now respects the CommandTimeout property on ObjectContext. A user of the library reported this bug to me a while ago, and I’m finally getting around to fixing it.

- One tricky scenario involves multiple stored procedure result sets that need to be combined to produce a single object graph. No new code in the library is required, but I have added a new sample illustrating how you can return a set of categories and their related products through a single stored procedure call. See the Materializer_MultipleResultSetsMerge sample for details. See this post for background information.

- We get frequent requests for LINQ patterns involving InvocationExpressions. I’ve added a couple of helper ExpandInvocations overload to simplify use of these patterns in the Entity Framework (EF). See the Misc_ExpandInvocationExpressions sample for details. See this post for details of the implementation soon.