PlannerOne for Dynamics NAV, the planning and scheduling component integrated in RoleTailored

Ortems introduces the graphical production planning and scheduling component for Dynamics NAV – a component developed in the latest Microsoft technologies (Visual Studio 2010, .Net 4) and integrated in the Dynamics NAV RoleTailored client.

The PlannerOne component communicates with the Dynamics NAV functions via the web services, which allows real time communication that takes into account the integrity constraints of the ERP business processes.

PlannerOne is a collaborative component that makes for fluid information flows among the various ERP users: the system of notifications and labels lets users add graphical markers in the schedule to notify the different users of an event or a change (machine breakdown, late delivery, etc.).

The RoleTailored Client can be used to customize the interface for a given user based on their role in the company. PlannerOne respects the RoleTailored logic by giving all ERP users based on their role access to:

  • Different views of lead-times and bottlenecks, enabling early and quick decision-making on production issues (capacity sizing, subcontracting decisions, work order time-shifting, etc.).
  • Interactive planning capabilities and constraint-based finite-capacity scheduling algorithms, integrated in real time in the Dynamics NAV production process

For example, an account manager can display the schedule tab on a purchase order screen and view the end date of the work order related to this order.

The scheduler or planner is the main user of this component. They have access to several views:

  • Resources / Work Order Gantt chart
  • Load diagram
  • Sequenced list of resources

For more information on this component, view the page Ortems Planner One

Here is a demo of the functionality offered by PlannerOne for Dynamics NAV: