GPMC Error

Hi All,

          I have been working on some servers recently with my good friend Mohnish and we came across an interesting error with the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) Service Pack 1 (specifically).  It seems that every time the administrator tries to click on the settings tab of ANY Group Policy Object (GPO), we see the following error:


The error “An error occurred while generating report: Error text not available. Error code = 8013150a” does not seem to be referenced anywhere on the internet which corresponds directly to the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC).   The only things that I could find were on the MSDN site with a programming spin.

After playing with this issue for a while, I figured out that it pertains to a .net framework issue rather than a connectivity issue, it appears that specific aspect of the locally installed .Net framework has failed or is no longer registered.

Since the version on this server was 2, we uninstalled .Net framework 2 and then tried to re-install it.  Subsequently we had the following error during re-install:



This was a very interesting error, stating “Error 25015. Failed to install assembly ‘C:\windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v2.0.50727\system.drawing.dll’ because of the system error 0x80131018”.   Not quite knowing where to go from here, we decided to exit and just install .NET framework 3.5.

That installation went straight through without error and also fixed our original GPMC error!

Proof that the latest version of .NET framework is fantastic!