RSAT on Windows 8 Doesn't install

I have been installing the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 and the installation didn't seem to do anything on my nice, Windows 8 OS.  It is supposed to automatically install all tools, but I get no errors and no registered management consoles :(

Thankfully I found the fix.

I read on the internet that it could be a language issue, so I ventured onto TechNet.

  1. I downloaded the Windows 8 Language pack "mu_windows_8_language_pack_x64_dvd_917544.iso"
  2. I right clicked on the ISO and chose mount in the menu (which mounted the ISO to an available drive letter)
  3. I right clicked the bottom left hand corner of my PC and ran "Command Prompt (Admin)"
  4. I then typed in dism /online /add-package /packagepath:<Insert Mounted drive letter here>:\langpacks\en-us
  5. Then I re-ran the installation and amazingly enough, it installed :):):)

NOTE: I did find the public version of the language pack  you may be able to bypass this process, using the details held in this link, but I have not tried it.

I hope this helps someone else.