New Recover Deleted Items from Server button in Outlook

* UPDATED: June 3, 2015 - Added TCID1 value *


Wanted to make you aware of a change made in Outlook 2013 with the October 2014 updates.


After installing the October 2014 update for Outlook 2013, when you click on the Deleted Items folder, you’ll find a new button on the HOME tab for that folder: Recover Deleted Items from Server


This change was made at the request of our Office 365 support teams, to make it easier for users to find this ability. They were receiving, on average, 400 calls a month from users who didn’t know how to get back items deleted or that didn’t know they had to click on the FOLDER tab to find this option.


No documentation has been posted yet regarding this change and probably wont be as it's such a minor change. However, I thought support folks might like to be made aware of it in case you get questioned about it or notice it. The Recover Items option is STILL on the FOLDER tab as well.


There are plans to also make this change to Outlook 2010 in the November 2014 update for Outlook 2010.


Several folks asked in the comments (my apologies for the slow response...the system didn't notify me like it was supposed to) looking for the TCID1 value for this new button in case they wanted to disable it. It is: 16299