Messenger Library on Celebrities NineMSN

It seems like there are new sites using the Windows Live Messenger Library popping up each week.  Recently, ninemsn, released their third application built on the  Messenger Library on their popular celebrity gossip site, CelebrityFIX.  The site enables users to be signed-in to an instance of Windows Live Messenger on the website, so users can browse the latest celebrity gossip and chat with their friends about it directly from the web experience.  Once a user signs-in, they have the option to dock the Messenger experience to the right-hand side of the screen.  The experience is similar to the experience that they launched on the Dolly last August.  It is always great to see partners that continue to integrate Messenger experiences in even more places on their site.  Below are a few screenshots of the user experience:

Try it out today at

Kitty Leung
Lead Program Manager
Windows Live Contacts and Messenger Platform