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Line Rider recently released a new version of their popular game which incorporates the use of the Windows Live Messenger Library. For the uninitiated, Line Rider is a Silverlight-based game that involves drawing one or more lines/tracks on which a boy with a sled can ride on. The game has garnered a huge number of fans that have made thousands of videos of their tracks and posted them on the Internet. Here is a great example of one video -

Line Rider allows one to save their tracks and store them on the site. With the integration of the Windows Live Messenger Library to the game, users can now easily share their tracks with any one of their online friends. By sending a track to an online friend, the friend will receive a message containing a link to the track that he/she can open up in a web browser. This is a great example of how one can leverage the Windows Live Messenger Library to add sharing capabilities to web applications and to also attract more users to their sites.

See if you can create your own Line Rider track and share it with your friends.  Below are some screenshots of how to send a track to a friend.

Jeff Liang

Software Design Engineer in Test

LineRider track


LineRider Messenger Sign In 


Linerider with Messenger contacts


LineRider with IM 


IM with LineRider friend in Messenger