Messenger Library on

xat, in its own words is, "a fun social networking site with the coolest online chat box." Essentially, they let you embed a chat gadget into your web site that enables your users to chat about a particular topic. We're featuring them here today because they've integrated with the Windows Live Messenger Library.

Recently, they added support for bringing your Windows Live Messenger contacts into the experience. You can do this by clicking the "Friends" tab within a given chat box. From there, you can sign into the Messenger Library and then all of your Windows Live contacts are available for you to chat with right from the same chat experience.

We've got some screenshots below for you to check out.

As we've said before, if you have developed a cool app using the Windows Live Messenger Library, please let us know!


Here's an initial chat box:

Initial chat box experience

Now you can see your Messenger contacts:

And lastly, we're instant messaging with a friend: