MIX08 Presentations - Check them out!

If you weren't able to make it to MIX last week, you missed a couple of great presentations by Angus Logan and Keiji Kanazawa which delved into some of the cool work that we and others within Windows Live are delivering. Luckily, all of the sessions are recorded and placed online so even if you missed them, you can easily watch them. The relevant sessions are:

  • Developing with the Windows Live Platform - Angus provides a high-level overview of many of the new Windows Live technologies that we're exposing. He covers the Windows Live Messenger Library briefly, but if you're looking for a deep dive, check out Keiji's session.
  • Add Instant Messaging to Any Site - Keiji goes into extensive detail with the Messenger Library. He quickly shows you how you can sign a user in and update presence, render the user's contact list, and start a chat conversation. Nikhil Kothari also talks about the power of Script# and walks through a Messenger scenario using that tool.

I personally attended both talks and very much enjoyed both of them. I encourage you to watch them and then give us any feedback that you might have.