Social website adds Messenger Web Toolkit is a popular social website based in Bosnia and Herzegovina with several hundred thousand users as of February 2009. By adding the toolkit to their website, now has given its large user base the option to instant message their friends right from the website.

After signing in to the website using their credentials, the user can then sign in using the Windows Live Messenger Web Bar at the bottom of the page using their normal Windows Live ID. To make using the bar even easier, the whole experience is localized using functionality we launched earlier this year in v3.1.


Using “application contacts”, friends on can chat with each other without necessarily having to add each other as Messenger buddies, or without having to be online using the desktop client. Another added bonus is that the website uses application display names, so that users can recognize each other by their display name on the website, rather than the one they have set in Messenger.


The website is a great showcase for what can be done using the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit on a social website, using surprisingly very little code. By adding the toolkit, users are able to message each other, see each other’s status and … well, the possibilities are endless :-)

(Read the original announcement on – Croatian!)