Getting Ready for Windows 8 Metro App

windows-8-start-menuSo lets begin, and yes it’s about getting you ready. My Name is Mahmoud Moussa, I’m a technology Solution Professional in Developing Metro Style Apps, I’ll helping companies, customers and partners in developing application on top of the new windows 8 platform.

Lets state the fact, Windows 8 , .NET 4.5 async Development is new to everyone so we need to plan and learn to get the best of out of it so, I thought why don’t we build a structured blog that can help you cover what you need to know to get your application ready. So What do you need to know ? well I grouped this into a set of categories that can help you cover a specific topic

  • Introduction: a Set of Videos, demoes and Hello world Samples that can help you get started with Windows 8
  • Architecture: Things that is related to the architecture of the solution components designing, Layering and resuable components that are available online that can help you design your project faster
    • Planning
    • Design Patterns
    • Components
    • Application Architecture
  • User Interface: Xaml/C#, HTML5, JavaScript this would be my posting category when I got Stuck in a UI problem , or I found something that I can write about
    • HTML5/Javascript
    • Xaml/C#
    • UI Design Patterns
    • Usability
    • Reusable components
  • Coding: .NET framework, Building components and writing async code and managing it
  • Back-end Services: Lets face it we are in the cloud computing era so you will need to build service oriented architecture kind of application so you will need to know more about cloud, WCF Services in general in order to build a successful application so it must be a part of our blog
  • Security: How will you manage your application security, Will there a too many ways and we will work on it tougther based on need for sure but just to list it
    • Live ID
    • Facebook Account
    • Google Account
    • WIF( Windows Identity Foundation)
    • Domain Security
  • Store: Publish your Application to store , process , standards, packaging …etc.

So Stay tuned co’s there are many to come…..