Advanced Vital Signs

In Premier Field Engineering we have a very popular workshop called “Vital Signs: Performance Monitoring Windows Server”, one of the great things about this workshop is that it doesn't matter if your a SQL engineer, an Exchange engineer, or even an Oracle engineer you will get something out of this workshop as it teaches you how to correctly collect performance data, how to correctly analyse performance data and what to look for when trying to troubleshoot disk, memory, network and CPU issues.

So, this week I am very luck to be at the Microsoft office in Finland delivering the “Windows Server: Vital Signs Advanced” workshop, this three day workshop expands on what we teach in the first Vital Signs workshop, we spends some time looking at how to analyse performance data in a virtualised environment, how to use Windows Performance Recorder (a.k.a XPerf) and how to use Windows Performance Analyzer (a.k.a XPerfView), we look at how to troubleshoot slow boot scenarios and look at some of the Windows debugging tools.

P1000117 P1000119 P1000115

If you would like more information about the Vital Signs: Performance Monitoring Windows Server or the Windows Server: Vital Signs Advanced workshop please talk to your Microsoft Account Team.