Biztalk WSE 3.0 Adapter Ships

Jesus Rodriguez with Two Connect has filled the last gaping need for WSE 3.0 by delivering a Biztalk 2006 adapter which you can get here. We did a webcast together with Jesus doing a bunch of great demos to show off its capabilities. You can watch the webcast here.

The feature that has saved me many times with customers is the easy with which you can configure the WSE 3.0 policy pipeline processing. For example at the end of last week I faced a mail from a customer who wanted to do CertificateOverTransport secure communication between a WSE 3.0 client and a WCF service. Think a variant of UsernameOverCertificate.  Although WCF has this feature built in through configuration it is not one of the pre-defined standard policy assertions shipped with WSE 3.0. No matter, we pulled out the code for the custom policy assertion from the WSE 3.0 SDK, added an X509 certificate to the message, signed with it and it just worked. WSE 3.0 is great like that, easy to adapt with a simple API.

So what has this got to do with the Biztalk WSE 3.0 adapter? The reason why this adapter is significant is that Biztalk 2006 is the best product for business integration and orchestration and you can deploy web services today using Biztalk. If you do, this is the adapter to use to provide a smooth upgrade and interoperability to WCF later. Jesus shows how the WSE 3.0 adapter can be easily used with custom policy processing as one of his many examples and certainly could have done my customer case with this Biztalk adapter. I have spoken to several MS field personnel who desperately need the WSE 3.0 adapter with Biztalk 2006.

I should also point out that WSE 2.0 SP3 is supported as a runtime component on .NET 2.0, which means that the WSE 2.0 Biztalk adapter (which has just shipped a Service Pack SP1) can also be used with Biztalk 2006. However WSE 2.0 SP3 will not interoperate with WCF services, almost entirely due to the differences in the WS-Addressing specification between these products.

Jesus, the WSE 3.0 adapter is a superb piece of work. I recommend that you to listen to the webcast here and download it here