First Solo Sail

I did my first solo sail on the waters of lake Union in Seattle yesterday. It reminder me of the time when I took my dad's car out for the first time after having passed my driving test eons ago. All you concentrated on was not slamming into anyone else and mentally shifting gears, or tacking in the case of sailing. Saying that, my dad's car at the time was a Lada Riva which was more like driving a tank than a car. My most vivid memory was pushing up the indicator switch only to have it break off at the stem inside the console and permanently leave the left indicator blinking without any way to turn it off. Driving was suddenly not that fun anymore. Luckily yesterday was a fair day here in Seattle, with light winds and since the majority of the boats have been harboured for the winter, the lake was relatively quite. It was a very pleasing experience given that you are in the middle of a large city with sky scrapers around you and sea planes landing next to you on the water. If you are ever in Seattle and want to do something different than the usual sightseeing tours, head down to the Center for Wooden Boats and hire yourself a sailing boat, or if you do not want to sail, they also have a good collection row boats to laze the day away.