Re-living my youth

Back in the heady days of 1977 I caught a train down to Brighton on the south coast of England and went to see Star Wars at the Odeon cinema on the sea front. As did many, I came out transfixed by the effects, story and characterisation and proceeded to buy tons of the 3.5'' action figures that came out a year or so later. Of course my mother subsequently "donated" them all to my younger cousin when we move house a few years later, thereby in a flash destroying my future retirement investment portfolio.

Now 28 years later I have two sons aged 7 and 9 who are fanatical Star Wars fans, which just goes to show it must be genetic. This last weekend was the release of the Hasbro EIII action figures  in time for the Revenge of the Sith and I found myself in Target once again buying Darth Vader, Storm (well Clone) troopers and Yoda action figures. This time however, they could do a variety of athletic kicks rather than having rigid legs, shoot missiles and detach their lightsabres rather than having them unceremoniously pushed up inside their arm. I had more flashbacks to my youth than I can remember. For me though, the Darth Vader voice changer mask was the killer toy on sale - pity it was designed to fit a child's head otherwise I would have subjected my family to endless painful phrases. I will just have to wait until they are on sale.