Samurai Jack. The greatest cartoon ever?

What cartoon epitomized and shaped your childhood? For me there were three that I
distinctly remember;

- Hong Kong Phooey - The theme alone defined the greatness of this cartoon, it being stupidly simple to remember. Then there was the re-enactment of seemingly classic fight scenes. Sub-consciously this must have sent me on the path to 19 yrs of Taekwondo.

[Catch the pigeon]( -  
This used to frustrate the hell out of me\! It can't be that hard to kill a pigeon.  
Bring on a [MOAB]( and  
have done with it.  
  • Grape Ape - I doubt many will remember
    this one, only sixteen episodes, but someshow they etched into my brain and stayed
    there, although I have no idea why.

Why this retro look back? Because I know what cartoon is shaping my sons minds and
it is Samurai Jack. It is
truely an awesome and meaningless cartoon, steeped in wonder and confusion. The shapes
of the worlds are a joy to watch and the subtly of the atmospheric music is brilliant.
It is the spaghetti western of cartoons. Watch an episode and then vote to get
this released to
the world for all to enjoy.