Smart Devices Data Synchronization Feedback Required

I recently posted this message to our device MVPs and that resulted into a fruitful discussion surrounding where data synchronization if heading. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the following. 



Many of us develop Smart Devices data applications that require some or most of the following:

a. Access to the backend server database from your device application.

b. Caching frequently used data within SQL Mobile on devices thus enabling offline scenarios where SQL server connectivity is not available.

c. Use RDA, SQL Merge, Web Services or hand-crafted mechanism for synchronizing SQL Mobile with backend SQL Server database.


I’m working on certain features that provide out-of-box support for writing offline data applications on devices that can be easily synchronized with the backend server database. Many developers are writing such applications however the current synchronization mechanisms are either too difficult or don’t offer all the flexibility the developers need.


I was wondering if you can share some of your experiences writing such applications and what real-life scenarios you’re enabling. Your feedback will help us understand your pain points and provide us an opportunity to build a better platform.




Program Manager – Visual Studio for Devices