TechMela 2007 - Are you coming?

Its been a while since I've visited my blog. I was heads down shipping Orcas Beta 1 ( and finishing up Orcas Beta 2. Today we hit our zero bugs count for Beta2 - yeah!!

Many of the VSD team members are presenting sessions on various device features we're enabling in Orcas in upcoming Tech Mela in Mumbai - June 13th to Jun 16th 2007. Some of the topics we're presenting are:

  • What's New for Device Developers in Visual Studio "Orcas" - Aarthi Ramamurthy
  • Using LINQ with the .NET Compact Framework - Manav Gaur (yep! thats me)
  • Device Emulator for Mobile Application Developers - Mukund Bhoovaraghavan
  • New and Improved .NET Compact Framework Diagnostic Tools - Srinivas Nadimpalli

Visit to register and meet the VSD team. We look forward to hearing from you.