Another one rides the bus....

Every blog must have a first post and this is mine...

I'm an old-timer in the software biz (I was around five years before there was a Microsoft!) and now I'm a new Microsoftie! I’m part of a group MS calls US Partner Services which helps "partners" of various kinds (ISVs, consulting companies, etc.) work with cool new Microsoft technology. These are the people who take your word for it that all the promises will come true and we’re going to make sure that happens.

I'm a software developer and musician and I'm glad I chose software rather than music as a career!

(Music, for the brave, is available at: )

Over the years I've started a few software companies, had a success or two (someone must remember Pascal/MT+ right?), and had the requisite number of "learning experiences".

So, I'm working on cool stuff (some of which I can talk about) and want to share my thoughts and experiences in the vain hope that someone out there can benefit from them. So hang on to them hats and glasses here goes!