Lang .Net 2006 Compiler Symposium

Registration is now open for the Lang .Net 2006 Compiler Symposium which will be held July 31st through August 2nd on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington.

We welcome technologists from all platforms (CLR, Java, etc.) who want to come and share their research and implementation experiences.

Lang .Net 2006 is a forum for discussion on programming languages, managed execution environments, compilers, multi-language libraries, and integrated development environments. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for Programming Language Implementers and Researchers from both industry and academia to meet and share their knowledge, experience, and suggestions for future research and development in the area of programming languages.

If you are a language designer, compiler writer, or tool builder in industry or academia, Lang.NET 2006 will be a unique opportunity to directly interact with the architects of Microsoft language platforms.

While Microsoft language technologists will be very active participants in the conference, at least 50% of the program is will be presentations by non-Microsoft employees.

Each day will be concluded with a panel discussion and in the evenings there will be ample opportunity for networking during the social events and dinners.

Please visit for more information and registration.