Lang.Net 2006 Symposium is underway

Yesterday was Day 1 of the Lang.NET 2006 Compiler Symposium here at Microsoft.

We have speakers from all over the world and from all over the industry.  Yesterday Anders Hejlsberg talked about LINQ, John Gough talked about Ruby on .Net, Jim Hugunin talked about IronPython, Christopher Duggins talked about a research language named CAT, Susan Eisnbach talked about C21.1 (21st century version control), Marcus Lumpe talkeda about Classboxing and .Net, Mark and Paul Cooper talked about PageXML, William Cook talked about Languages and Latency and Mike Barnett talked about Spec #.

Brian Tyler, Jason Bock, John Lam, Werner Moise, and Daryl Taft of eWeek are all blogging/reporting about it.

Today's list of speakers include Glida Brach of Sun, Miguel de Icaza from Novell, Shriram Krishnamurthi from Brown University, James Lapalme from Conseiller, Markus Lorez (researcher) and from Microsoft: Gary Flake, Bradley Millington and Paul Vick.