Launching The Independent Innovation Blog - My new blog and podcast.

Independent Innovation is a new meme that is rapidly changing the work and personal lives of millions of people around the globe as the Internet and widespread adoption of broadband technology is enabling individuals and small groups to create new self-funded, live-anywhere, sustainable lifestyle companies that delivering their digital intellectual property (digita IP) products via the Internet.

I have been wanting for a while to expand my view beyond just MicroISVs to complement the work I do here at Microsoft and so I have just launched a new blog and podcast over at and invite all my Adventures In SoftwareLand readers to surf on over and check it out.

Most MicroISVs are Independent Innovators and so the site will feature frequent interviews and topics of interest to MicroISVs.  In my experience most developers, no matter where and how they work, are also artistic in one sense or another (mostly musical) and you'll also find many interesting topics related to distribution and protection of digital IP of other forms over at as well.

On the new site I will be commenting about trends in the Independent Innovation space, interviewing both Indepdent Innovators and those who provide products and services to them as well as hosting guest blog posts by some of the thought leaders who are pointing the way to this new way of working and living.