MIX08 Day 1 - Recap

Yesterday, I watched the opening keynotes for MIX08 in the BlogZone with about 10 other people, both Microsoft and attendees.  Ray Ozzie's part was well received but both Scott and Dean's part rocked the house.  All the IE8 demos and Silverlight2 demos were awesome and we only had one interruption in the stream.

After the keynote, I went down to the hall where I ran into an old friend who is generally conservative in his reactions to these sorts of things and he was enthusiastic in his reaction to the technologies and announcements.  In fact, he said "This stuff is really cool!", something I'd been waiting to hear for a long time, especially from him!

Last night at the attendee party, at the TAO club, it was great to hang with attendees and hear their similar reactions.  I even got the chance to hand out some copies of the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint to some consultants who were itching to take it for a test drive!