New Channel9 Podcast Show: The MicroISV Show

Welcome to a new podcast show I'm doing on Channel9, The MicroISV Show.

First off, what is a MicroISV?  We, at Microsoft, consider a small software company, typically numbering one to three people, a MicroISV.  The largest majority of MicroISVs also use the try-before-you-buy or shareware business model.

Each week on the MicroISV show I will do a 5 to 10 minute interview with a MicroISV and talk about their experiences developing for the Windows platform, what they wish we would do better, what they like about what we do now and general discussion about development issues, business models, and life on the leading edge of the software business.

If you are a MicroISV and would like to be considered for an interview, please go to my Channel9 contact page at and click on the envelope icon and send me an email.

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Update: Thanks to ActiveWin,, and JoelOnSoftware for helping get the word out!