Project Glidepath / Vista Development / MicroISV "pain points"

Project Glidepath 2.0 ( is now shipping and we are preparing to develop more factories and packages for Project Glidepath.

In order to make sure we’re building the content containing the guidance, templates and tools that you need I’d like to ask you to please tell us the kinds of “pain points” you are encountering as you migrate and build your applications.

Issues related to development for Windows Vista are most crucial as delivering the content you need in that area is my highest priority. However, other non-Vista related issues are also very important as we are we want to provide content that helps you in all aspects of being a MicroISV.

If you wish you may email me directly, using the email link at the top of the blog, if you wish to have express your issues privately. Content we develop will be “generic” and your individual information will be kept in strict confidence.

This is your chance to help not only yourself but the entire MicroISV community as well.

I look forward to your replies.