Shareware Industry Conference Day 2 (Friday)

Yesterday Dan Fernandez, Jed Rose and I gave an hour long presentation and hosted an exhibit booth at the Shareware Industry Conference being held this weekend in Denver, Colorado.

I am pleased to report that it all went exceeding well and surpassed my most optimistic expectations. Not only were the participants interested in our Shareware Starter Kit, they were candid and forthcoming with their opinions, feedback and questions. They talked at length about the challenges of being a small software developer and their attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, to get information from and to work with Microsoft.

One of the most interesting discoveries is that we have answers for many of the questions and concerns that these small developers have but they have trouble finding this information. In addition, they feel, and I know this problem personally, that they are constantly drowned out in their attempts to get their products noticed over the "loud" promotions paid for by larger companies. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to post a comment and I'll do everything I can to make sure you get the information and/or connections you need.

This developer community is something I know well having been a MicroISV most of my career, and I'm certainly going to take all this feedback to heart and redouble my efforts to both provide information and create opportunities.

When I return to Seattle I will be posting a link to the presentation and possibly even a podcast of the session which, with the attendee's kind approval, was recorded.