The MicroISV Show #10 - Joel Spolsky

Joining me as co-host of The MicroISV Show is Bob Walsh, Managing Director of Safari Software (, author of "MicroISV: From Vision to Reality", author of the soon to be published "Clear Blogging", and proprietor of 3 websites which are useful to the MicroISV community:, and

In this first collaboration, Bob and I interview former MicroISV and successful software entrepreneur, Joel Spolsky (, co-founder of Fog Creek software, prolific blogger and host of the Joel on Software forums including one on the Business of Software ( on which many MicroISVs ask and answer critical questions about starting and staying in the software business.  Bob Walsh along with Eric Sink are the "hosts" of the BoS forum.

In the interview, Joel talks about his experiences as an ISV, Fog Creek's CoPilot 2.0 application and ends with what he thinks are the two most important things every MicroISV should know.

[A transcript of this podcast will be posted shortly]