The Yule Blog (or put another blog on the wire)

Time for the traditional Yule Blog! Sitting here in front of a blazing fire (both literally and metaphorically) it's time to appreciate 2005. . .

It's been quite a year here in SoftwareLand. . .(and over on the podcast as well!)

In February the world took an orthogonal turn on all its axes and, by the end of March, Seattle was home.

From there my amateur podcasters status changed to professional (meaning I now get paid to both create and produce podcasts on the job) as the official first podcaster on Channel9

There were conferences galore (TechEd, Shareware Industry Conference, PDC, and European Shareware Conference) that lead to many great and delightful new connections with both people and their work.

Now, in 2006, I'll be part of the team that's responsible for inspiring developers to climb on board Windows Vista.

And there's more podcasting and blogging news that will blow your socks off. . .but I can't talk about all that yet!

So, to everyone who has been such a great inspiration and help in 2005, I say a very sincere thanks and I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!