Blacklight UPDATE – returning in the new FY (July ‘09)!

It has been a little while since I last posted, and a little longer since I was last able to provide an update to the Blacklight project. This short post is just to give an update on where we are, and when the next big release can be expected.

First off, Blacklight has been a pleasure to work on so far, and I love all the great feedback and ideas the community has been generating. It is, however, something that we do in our ‘spare time’, and as such, we have found that a new release every month has been a stretch, and certainly with the new focus that we have applied to our day jobs, what with the economy, etc...

The good news, though, is we are nearing the end of our financial year, and from July, Blacklight updates will resume. I will definitely be making it one of my commitments for the year.

The format will more likely follow a big release every 3 months, with fixes and patches in between when possible. This will enable the team to deliver a far better quality product.

In the mean time, the discussion boards are full of patches, fixes and improvements to the existing controls, so if you are happy to play with the source, there is a lot there.

Thanks again for supporting the project, and watch this space in July!