WPF/E at Mix '06

I know, it's been a long while since I've posted. Last October, after Windows Forms 2.0 shipped, I left DevDiv and started working on the WPF/E team. It's been an intense ride so far, but our product is really starting to take shape.

So what is WPF/E? It is a cross-platform, cross-browser web technology that supports a subset of WPF XAML. WPF/E also has a friction-free install model and the download size we’re targeting is very small. WPF/E supports programmability through javascript for tight browser integration. The WPF/E package also contains a small, cross platform subset of the CLR and .NET Framework that can run C# or VB.NET code. Yes, we are bringing C# programming to the Mac.

The big news from Mix '06 is that our release dates were announced on Tuesday. We will ship a CTP this summer, our first version will ship in the first half of 2007 and our device version will ship in the second half of 2007. At Joe Stegman's WPF/E talk, he showed many of the features our team has been working hard to complete. Below you'll find some information and screen shots from our demos. Note that Joe’s talk also showed XAML content running on a Mac. I'll post again soon with a walkthrough of building of a simple WPF/E app.

WPF/E Clock (in Firefox!)

This is a transparent vector clock with animating hands over the page's background image.

WPF/E Pan and Zoom (in Firefox!)

WPF/E Pan and Zoom is a vector graphic viewer that lets a user zoom, rotate and pan around a vector image. The vector art is converted from an Illustrator sample created by Yukio Miyamoto.


WPF/E Pad is a XAML editor application. It’s a DHTML app that hosts the WPF/E browser plug-in and sets the XAML to what the user enters in the text area.

Edit: It turns out there's only one capital "F" in Firefox.