Comment changes, what happened to Intertubbers this week?

So, i had to start approving comments today.  I had always allowed annonymous, open comments, but something has gone wrong this week.  I got some profane, angry comments that were completely mis directed.  Is it a new type of SPAM?  I don't think so, it seems to actually include text or thoughts from the post.  I will either approve or delete profane/offensive comment, no editing or bleeping.

I noticed that Scoble, Major Nelson and Zunester got some of this as well.  Scoble is pretty upset about his comments being taken over and is having a hard time blogging.  Major Nelson and Zunester just turned on approvals.

For me this isn't a huge deal because comments are few and far between, but I am wondering is a full moon caused this?  Planetary alignment? Springtime?