HMC 4.5 Released!!

An updated version of the Hosted Messaging and Collaboration solution is now available. HMC 4.5 brings together powerful Microsoft enterprise products such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, and now gives you Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, which manages all real-time communications such as instant messaging (IM) and audio and video conferencing.

Other new features and enhancements:

· Exchange Server 2007 SP1: Web-based OABs and resource mailboxes

· Windows SharePoint Services: multi-tenant People Picker functionality

· Provisioning capabilities have been expanded:

o Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) cross data store integration procedures

o Individual Information Worker (IIW) tenant model

· New SDK, updated for HMC 4.5

Get started now with HMC 4.5and the HMC 4.5 SDK


If you are running a Vista machine you may have issues viewing the content of the CHM file.

If you encounter this issue you will need to do the following:

- Download and save the file

- Right Click on the CHM file

- Go to properties

- On the Generals Tab, click Unblock

- Click Apply

The contents of the CHM file will now appear correctly.