Back In The Saddle Again

One reason I have not blogged these last two months is that my wife took ill and I haven't been at work. She is home now and I am getting into the swing of work again.

Another reason I have not blogged these last two months is that I have been doing some in-depth sorting through of where my life seems to be going, some of which you may have seen on this blog. It is clear to both my manager and me now that what I have been doing is not working out for either of us; also that neither of us know what exactly to change or how to change it.

Now that I am back at work, work things are starting to happen again. Like blogging. Those of you reading this via the web may have noticed I have changed my blog title and slogan. I have not braided my beard for months, and I am no longer the person I was when I started this blog, so "The Braidy Tester" persona no longer fits. I am going with "Test Guide" until I discover something that fits better. As for my tagline, "Making the invisible visible" comes from a discussion with my counselor wherein she realized that that phrase describes everything I enjoy doing. It also describes my entire life, from my early days to where I seem to be going now.

Where that is, exactly, I have thus far seen only glimmers. Last summer I thought I knew, however I seem to have misinterpreted as nothing has happened the way I thought it would. So I am giving up prognosticating and instead focusing on being right here right now and letting whatever comes come whenever it decides to come. I am finding I am happier the more I stay present, so I am working on being fully present all the time. No small task, I am discovering, and lots of learning. Yay learning!

While sometimes I feel my entire life has changed, some parts in fact have not. My commitment to helping people change in ways that matter to them, for instance, which has been a common thread throughout my career. My foremost hope for this blog is that my posts help you change in ways that matter to you. Let me know how I can do that: michael dot j dot hunter at microsoft dot com.