Scott Banning's Possibly Most Frustrating Bug

I opened a bug 1.5 years ago about an issue where the product would stop displaying updates to the user in a rare scenario dealing with boundaries; we have gotten customer reports about a similar issue that could be the same root cause and are linked to the bug. Unfortunately we were very close to shipping at the time and the fixes that were brought to the table were pretty destabilizing and required a lot of rework so the bug got punted. Moving forward to the next release and the bug is still sitting, waiting... and then it gets mark as a Won't Fix because there is not enough customer feedback. I kindly disagree with the PM saying that there is customer feedback attached to said bug and it gets reactivated. About a month later it gets resolved as Won't Fix pending customer feedback again; again I reactivate it and point out the customer feedback. Currently the bug is still in deliberation and has yet to be fixed, although it looks like it might be punted yet again. Not my favorite bug, but possibly my most frustrating.

-- Scott Banning


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