The New Guy

My first week on Windows Phone went great! Not that I did much of anything other than set up my new computer (eight processors! 6GB RAM! 1.3TB HD!), figure out how to build and run product and test code, and start getting acquainted with my new team.

My primary focus for the next year or so is our automation stack: figuring out how it works now, what doesn't work as well as we need it to (or at all), and developing a plan for incrementally taking us ever closer to the "ideal" automation stack my boss wants us to have. Everything I'm learning tells me the work I did on Expression and Mesh will be put to effective use here on Windows Phone.  The first talk I gave had a warm reception, and I'm getting the feeling I have a receptive audience here - hooray! From what I've seen so far I think what is here already will flow nicely to where I'd like to take it.

In separate news, I'm shopping for a new cell phone plan so I can dogfood Windows Phone. My current cell phone is seven years old and most definitely *not* up to Windows Phone's hardware requirements, so I figure it's time for an upgrade. Any suggestions on carriers?

I'm finding it difficult to get back into a regular rhythm of writing - I stopped doing pretty much everything last summer, and while I remember having an endless supply of opinions to write about, my well has either dried up or not yet been primed enough. I'll be doing a plethora of writing and speaking as I roadmap our automation stack, however, which I suspect will get things flowing nicely!

I haven't played with Windows Phone enough yet to know whether it will transform me from a guy whose last cell phone bill was $0.16 into one of those people who never put their phones down; I'll let you know how it goes!