Article: Internet agency considers '.tel' domain name


“To help people manage all their contact information online, the Internet's key oversight agency is considering a ".tel" domain name. If approved, the domain could be available this year.

As proposed, individuals could use a ".tel" Web site to provide the latest contact information and perhaps even let friends initiate a call or send a text message directly from the site. Businesses could use a ".tel" site to determine customers' locations and route them automatically to the correct call center.”


While hoping to create a one-stop location for users to manage all of their contact information (ala Plaxo), it is simply a TLD (top-level domain) and has no inherent ‘smarts’ to it – those would have to be created by content publishers and the resultant end-user applications that are developed. Still, considering all of the investments in hosted-PIM data being made all over the technology space, something to consolidate its locations could prove a worthwhile starting point for location-agnostic sharing of your information.