An Update on David LeBlanc

As you probably all know, David is a very good friend of mine and we have authored some popular security books together, and will probably write some more too (but that’s another story.)

Some of you know that David left Microsoft to join Webroot in May 2005 to work as a security architect. I have to be honest; I was utterly devastated when he told me he was thinking about the move. David is one of the smartest security folks I know (and I work with a lot of very smart security people) but his loss could not be underestimated.

The move made quite a bit of press too:

eWeek: Webroot Taps MS Security Architect for Sweep Duty
Spyware Puppy: Webroot Lures Microsoft Security Talent

Well, I have some great news. Good news for Microsoft and Microsoft customers, that is! David is coming back to his old job in Microsoft Office!

It’s going to be great to have him back in Redmond; his influence across the company is huge.

Welcome back, David!